I offer three different service options. There is a bit about them below, if you need more information please contact me! I can't wait to hear from you. 

My consultations offer focused planning. The main objective is to define and meet your needs. We can work on anything from, basic soil analysis, to water systems, to locations for garden beds, ponds, or live stock, and much more. Subject of consultation is entirely up to you.    



Full Site Design

 A full site design consists of:

  1. Color layout and design guide. This layout will show wind breaks, paths suggested planting areas, and identification of other important areas of property.

  2. Photographs and sketched overlays with suggested alterations in bed layout if necessary.

  3. Basic soil analysis.

  4. Suitable vegetation list based on client tastes, soil type, wind protection, available light, location of garden.

  5. Relevant information on protection of plants, kitchen gardensfor a low budget, propagation, composting, recycling, worm keeping, organic fertilizer and pest control, indigenous foods and medicines, bird and butterfly attractors, seed saving.

  6. List of supplies for seeds, plants, relevant magazines, and books.

  7. Alternate energy options.

  8. Waste management.

 I can also provide designs for short and long term, and contour maps for an extra fee. 


I assist with implementation by overseeing of the installment of your site design. Creating material and price lists. Collecting needed materials, and organization of outside specialist, and the project order. I recommend that the client participate in said activity's. The systems success is entirely dependent on your observation and participation.   




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